Client/Patient Policy

Effective January 2023

Black Creek Veterinary Clinic, LLC works on a VCPR (Veterinary Client Practice Relationship)

Black Creek Veterinary Clinic has added security cameras in and outside of the building.
  • If you have a scheduled appointment, we will contact you to remind you of your pet(s) appointment(s) by phone or through Vet2Pet App.

    If you have an appointment reminder coming due and have the Vet2Pet App, these will be sent to your email on file for you to remind you to make your annual appointment.

    When you have scheduled your pet(s) appointment(s), that time is allotted for what we are seeing your pet(s) for. For example: when scheduling appointments for routine care, (exam, vaccines), we ask you to let us know in advance if you have any concerns with your pet(s) including nail trims. This allows staff of Black Creek Veterinary Clinic to schedule appropriately. Failure to do this may result in the need for another appointment to be scheduled. If you ask the same day of the appointment for additional services for your pet(s), you will be asked to schedule another appointment.

    Your pet(s) will be seen by appointment only and at the time you have been scheduled for.

    In some cases, there are emergencies. If there is an emergency or severely ill patient, we will keep you informed, if need be, you can reschedule your appointment or wait until the emergency is under control.

    If you call or arrive more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, you may be asked to reschedule the appointment.

    If you have an unscheduled appointment and we see your pet, there will be an Unscheduled Exam Fee of $88.00

    If another pet is brought in at the same time as the scheduled pet and asked to be examined, there will be an Unscheduled Exam Fee of $88.00

    Emergency Appointment Fee: $100.00

    Urgent Care Fee: $80.00
  • For the first no show you may be charged a $25.00 fee for the second no show you may be charged a $50.00 no show fee. A third no show, Black Creek Veterinary Clinic reserves the right whether or not to schedule another appointment.

    If you have one no show with multiple pets, we are unable to make future multiple pet appointments.

    After 3 no shows - $50 must be paid before an appointment is even made
  • IF you did not receive an e-mail or do not have access to e-mail and printing, we will have a copy of estimate of surgical procedure to go over. If your pet is scheduled for surgery, we ask you to arrive at the designated drop off times unless other arrangements have been made. We also ask that the owner of the pet(s) to be at facility when dropping off. Please allow yourself enough time to have the consent form gone over and signed. This is to allow the Veterinary Technician to go over the consent form and answering ANY questions you or the Staff may have regarding the surgical procedure. There will be other patients in the waiting room waiting to be checked in. IF you are asking for additional services other than what is scheduled for surgery, we may need to do those additional services another time or reschedule where we can provide those additional services. This will be at the Doctor’s discretion.

    IF you no show one time for any surgical procedure and you reschedule that procedure that will need to be paid in full and will be non-refundable if you no show for that second reschedule.

    IF you cancel any surgical procedure the day before your pet(s) procedure two times and reschedule again for procedure, that procedure must be paid for in full and non-refundable if you cancel a third time.

    If your pet(s) surgical procedure is more than $1000.00 (estimated) you will need to provide a 50% deposit on that procedure.
  • Estimates for Canine Ovariohysterectomy at 6 months and under may be less costly. vs. estimates for Canine Ovariohysterectomy over 6 months old that has had/have heat cycle or a litter of puppies. We do not spay dogs during heat cycle. If you were given an estimate prior to your pet going into heat the estimate will change after your pet has been through a heat cycle. If a pet is presented for Ovariohysterectomy and is in heat, we will not perform the surgery that day, it will be rescheduled. We recommend all females be spayed prior to their first heat estrus (heat) to reduce risks of mammary cancer, pyometra and to decrease surgical risks.
  • Must be seen by the veterinarian who performed the surgery. This helps the surgeon analyze whether an incision looks appropriate or not based on the techniques he/she used to complete surgery or procedure.
  • When you are in the waiting room, please NO PUPPY HELLO’S (the interaction with other pets). This will help control the spread of diseases, risk of injuries with other pets or yourself.
  • No Flexi leads please if possible. IF you use a Flexi leash, please keep the leash at a safe distance or ask receptionist for another leash
  • We prefer 24-to-72-hour notice for prescription refills. This helps us to make sure we have the product your pet(s) need and allow staff to prepare. IF you need a Prescription Drug or Food that you order through us, please give a week notice. Holidays and weather do effect shipping times. Federal Law requires a pet to be seen annually for prescriptions. ANY pet that is on an NSAID routinely, Apoquel, Prednisolone/Prednisone will require bloodwork annually. The cost of this bloodwork is generally around $90.00 to $120.00. We can include this in annual exam visits or anytime that will work best for you and your pet.

    Splitting/Cutting of Medications: IF we split pills, it is a courtesy, not an obligation
  • (Chewy, 1-800-Petmeds, etc. ) Effective May of 2020 our policy changed for the use of On-Line Pharmacies. IF you use an on-line pharmacy of your choice for your pet(s) prescription(s) you will need to pick up a handwritten script and you will need to submit the written script yourself. Black Creek Veterinary Clinic is affiliated with our on-line VetSource/ScriptRight. This is located on our website.
  • Due to new DEA regulations we are no longer able to accept donated or returned medications. It is your responsibility to dispose of these medications. You can check with local Police Departments and Pharmacies for disposal.
  • Please give at least one week notice in preparing these documents as well as if you need any Pet Insurance Forms, Airline, etc. filled out by the doctor.

    IF you are requesting records to be transferred due to going to another facility this means you are severing ANY Doctor/Client/Patient Relationship. This means you will not be an active client at this practice. (Exclusions of referrals by Black Creek Veterinary Clinic).

    We will notify you when records are complete.
  • There are some pet insurance policies out there for your pet(s). If you choose to participate in any of them, you will need to pay for your pet(s) services in full here and then you will submit the claim to that insurance company of your choice. IF you need the Insurance Form filled out, 5 you may be required to leave the form to be filled out, this may take up to a week. Once done we will call you when the form is ready
  • If you choose to take your pet(s) elsewhere (RV Clinics, Tractor Supply) for vaccines please provide us with that information so we can stay current on your pet(s) health. We still require yearly exams to remain established and dispense medications legally. It is Federal Law that your pet(s) must have an exam before dispensing any medications.
  • It is New York State Law you must have your canine or feline be vaccinated against Rabies. Rabies can be contracted from infected saliva through open wound or mucus membrane (ex. eyes/mouth). It is a common occurrence. If you have proof of Rabies Vaccine, please provide us with that information.
  • If you have a personal call, please take your calls outside, exception would be if you need to use during your pet(s) exam and need to call someone regarding your pet.
  • All non-employees are not allowed in Reception, X-ray, Treatment, Lab, Surgical and Kennel areas, but not limited to, unless you are instructed or accompanied by the doctor or staff member. These areas are strictly for employees of Black Creek Veterinary Clinic. This is for your safety and ours.
  • Monday mornings or the days coming back from holiday closures can be very hectic. We ask that if your pet has been ill during the weekend or during a holiday, please do not hold off on taking your pet to an ER facility, as we will likely recommend them going there if they have been ill over several days. We make every effort to get back to you in a timely fashion to get your sick pets in, but scheduling can be very limited on those days
  • For the safety of our patients, clients and staff, Black Creek Veterinary Clinic, LLC would like for all pet owners, whether your pet is a small, medium or larger breed animal, to have control of them when in waiting room and when in the exam rooms.
  • Black Creek Veterinary Clinic is a locally owned small business. As such, our staff are all members of the local community. We ask that you please respect our personal time, and do not contact us outside of business hours regarding your pets. IF you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office directly (315)592-4400 during business hours or leave a message and someone will get back to you. IF you have any emergency with your pet there are the ER facilities provided to you. VMC Animal Emergency Center 315-446-7933, Vet Specialists of Rochester 585-424-1277, Cornell Hospital for Small Animals at 607-253-3060 or Auburn Urgent Care at 315-515-3074 (opens at 6PM-Closed Mondays)
  • Anyone Providing animal care, other than veterinarians, do not require a license. This is not to say that they may not have valuable knowledge and experience, but they are not held to the same licensing standard as your veterinarian
  • Clinic Polices / Guidelines

    We strive to provide your pets with the best care. As such, there are limitations to the care that can be provided in this clinic. We are not an overnight ER and we do not have ICU capabilities. IF we feel that it is in the best interest of your pet to be seen at the ER or a specialty center, we are recommending those facilities for the best interest of your pet.

    As well as groomers not being veterinarians, we are not groomers. Our grooming of patients is based on medical needs only. If grooming is not medically necessary, you will be referred to agroomer. If grooming is medically necessary, pricing, and potential anesthetics needed is under doctor discretion.

    Black Creek Veterinary Clinic, LLC will not tolerate disrespect to the Doctor and the staff. We strive to treat all of our clients with respect. If a member of our care team is being treated poorly you may be asked to leave our office, or to seek care for your pets elsewhere.

    Please note that repeated violations of this policy may result in Black Creek Veterinary Clinic severing the veterinary, client, patient relationship and removing you from our practice. (This policy can change or update at any given time)